Cuadrilla Resources

We Do

Cuadrilla Resources uses proven, safe technologies to explore for and recover natural gas reserves.

Based in Lichfield in Staffordshire, Cuadrilla aims to be a “model company” for unconventional exploration in the UK. It is acutely aware of the responsibilities this brings, particularly with regard to safety, environmental protection and working with local communities.

Exploring for gas

We are looking to establish whether the natural gas within the Bowland shale rock can be extracted in a commercially viable way.

Cuadrilla’s exploration phase began in 2010 at the Preese Hall site, Weeton.  Lasting around three years, exploration will take place at some of Cuadrilla’s sites in Fylde and at its site in Banks.

Site Lifecycle

Before drilling begins, the site is lined with a thick impermeable membrane and the drilling rig (around 30 metres in height) is set up. Cuadrilla drills about 10,000ft (approximately two miles) down into the ground, using layers of steel casing cemented in place, sealing the bore from the surrounding ground.

After several months of drilling, the drilling rig is dismantled and is replaced with a 22 metre structure (known as a work-over rig).  A process called hydraulic fracturing will then begin, which may take up to several weeks. The rig is then removed.

We then extract the natural gas that has been stored in the rock for hundreds of millions of years.
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