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We have identified two new locations, which we propose to develop as new exploration sites by drilling, hydraulically fracturing and testing the flow of gas from four new exploration wells at each of these sites. One of those proposed new exploration sites is just off Preston New Road, in the parish of Westby-with-Plumptons. Hydraulically fracturing and testing the flow of gas at Preston New Road will help us to determine how much natural gas could be extracted from the shale rock that lies over a mile beneath the surface.

Following extensive public consultation Cuadrilla Resources submitted a planning application to Lancashire County Council to drill, hydraulically fracture and test the flow of gas from up to four exploration wells at its proposed exploration site at Preston New Road on 29th May. Plans have also been submitted to install a network of seismic monitoring stations within a 4km radius of the proposed exploration site. The applications for Preston New Road have been validated by LCC.

Following a statutory consultation period the council announced on 26th November 2014 that it is now consulting on further information in relation to issues it has raised and by representations submitted to LCC, on the planning applications and Environmental Statements. The further information, as well as the original applications, the Environmental Statements and plans can be viewed on the Council’s website

It is expected the Preston New Road application will be decided by 31 January 2015.

Details of the site application and the Environmental Statement can be viewed at (application number LCC/2014/0096). The application for monitoring works is also available on this website (application number LCC/2014/0097)

Accompanying the application is an Environmental Statement that details the findings of an extensive Environmental Impact Assessment of the site, which was carried out by experts at Arup, an independent consultancy.  The Environmental Statement contains 21 chapters looking at a wide range of issues including air quality, lighting, noise, transport, water and visual impact. A non-technical summary of the Environmental Statement is also available.

The emerging findings of the EIA booklet is available for download here:

Emerging findings of the EIA

Environmental Risk Assessment can be downloaded here:

Environmental Risk Assessment

The ES is available for download here:

Environmental Statement

Environmental Statement appendices for download here:

Environmental Statement appendices

A non-technical summary of the ES is available for download here:

Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement

Statement of Community Involvement

Statement of Community Involvement appendices

Information on our planning application and our response to consultation is available for download here:

Information on our planning application and our response to consultation

Flood risk assessment

Utilities Statement

Planning Statement

Planning Statement – Monitoring Works

The Environmental Agency announced on 16th January 2015 it had granted Cuadrilla the environmental permits for its proposed shale gas exploration site at Preston New Road.

You can view the permit issued for the site at

On 15th June 2015, LCC’s Planning Officer’s issued a recommendation that the Council’s Development Control Committee grant planning consent for the application at Preston New Road.

The Preston New Road application was determined by LCC’s Development Control Committee on the 29th June 2015, who refused planning consent on the basis of visual impact on the landscape and noise concerns. The Committee also denied consent for the separate planning application to install seismic and ground water monitoring stations around the site.

On the 23rd July 2015 Cuadrilla announced plans to appeal the refused planning consents for both the main site and monitoring stations around the proposed site.

Cuadrilla has since submitted both applications for appeal to the Planning Inspectorate which are available to view on the Planning Inspectorate website. The Public Inquiry for the appeals begins on 9th February 2016 at Blackpool Football Club. All the inquiry details can be found here. You can view the live webcast here and the webcast protocol is here.

Community Liaison Group

We’re committed to being a good neighbour and to talking to local residents and community representatives at every stage of the process.  As part of this we have established a Community Liaison Group (CLG) for the proposed exploration site at Preston New Road.

We invited local people to take part in a community liaison group (CLG) to provide a link between Cuadrilla and interested parties.  The membership  includes elected representatives, local residents and businesspeople,  and third-party stakeholder groups.  Members of the CLG decide how the group meets and works, and have agreed that minutes of their meetings along with their membership, will be published on this webpage (see below).

The CLG is independent of Cuadrilla and provide an opportunity for a dialogue between the company and the local community in the proposed Preston New Road site. Meetings will encourage discussion, and allow members to raise issues with Cuadrilla, obtain feedback and better understand the views of the local community as the proposal progresses. The CLG will provide a forum for Cuadrilla to inform interested parties about various aspects of the proposal including:

• The public engagement and consultation programme
• The refinement of the proposal
• Its progress through the planning system
• Ultimately, should planning permission be granted, the operation of the site.
• Equally, the CLG will be a forum for the local community to describe or explain issues, questions or concerns and access or secure swift and specific responses

While the CLG will not have any decision-making powers, it may make recommendations to Cuadrilla for consideration.

The CLG will look to secure maximum mutual benefit to the company and the community through:

• Better understanding the views of local communities in a structured way.
• Finding opportunities to develop the CLG’s understanding of Cuadrilla’s operations through presentations from third parties and site visits.
• Ensuring there is a mechanism to address the comments and concerns raised by the CLG.
• Freely feeding back the CLG’s discussions and conclusions to the local community.

Members of the CLG can be contacted on

The minutes of meetings of the Preston New Road CLG will appear here:

2014-04-16 Preston New Road minutes

2014-06-04 Preston New Road minutes

2014-07-31 Preston New Road minutes

2014-09-04 Preston New Road minutes

2014-11-12 Preston New Road minutes

2014-10-08 Preston New Road minutes

2015-01-07 Preston New Road minutes

2015-02-11 Preston New Road minutes

2015-04-15 Preston New Road minutes