Cuadrilla Resources



Department of Energy and Climate Change
‘The Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources of Britain’s Onshore Basins – Shale Gas’ (2010)

Environment Agency
Exploration and development of Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane

Health and Safety Executive
Gas health and safety

British Geological Survey
Shale Gas section

European Unconventional Gas
About unconventional gas

The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Can Unconventional Gas be a Game Changer in European Gas Markets?

The DECC Select Committee report, May 2011

The Government response to the DECC Select Committee report



Energy in Depth
Debunking Gasland

American Natural Gas Association
Shale plays

American Petroleum Institute
Facts about shale gas

Interstate Oil & Gas Compact Commission
Hydraulic fracturing




No Hot Air