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Cuadrilla sees itself as being part of the communities it operates within, and as part of this, is keen to make a contribution to community life in Lancashire.

To provide support for those projects which matter most to the community, some funding is available around each of our sites during exploration activities. As Cuadrilla only has temporary planning permission for its sites (with the exception of Elswick) donations reflect the temporary nature of its facilities.

Some of the projects and organisations to have benefited from Cuadrilla’s presence are:

  • Lowther Pavillion

  • Fylde Rugby Club

  • Elswick in Bloom

  • Kirkham Young Farmers Club

Exploration work takes place in rock which has been buried for millions of years and puts Lancashire at the forefront of remarkable geological discoveries. Site visits and school information sessions have educated local people about our operations and the shale rock we are exploring.  Please contact us if you or your organisation would like to find out more.

Community Benefit

School talks

Community Benefit

Elswick in bloom

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