At work


Maintaining the highest standards of safety and environmental protection is something we take seriously, and is the number one priority at each and every one of our operational sites.

The practices and technology we use are proven and widely adopted in the gas exploration industry. In addition, our team is highly trained and have extensive experience working on gas exploration projects in Europe, the United States, and Canada.

At every stage of the gas extraction process, our engineers have put in place a robust safety programme of procedures and controls designed to ensure high standards are achieved.

All potential recruits are personally interviewed by a member of the senior management team before being appointed to ensure their commitment to the highest standards in safety at work.

HSE monitoring

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) make regular visits to Cuadrilla’s sites on an announced and unannounced basis.

During the HSE’s unannounced visits, spot checks are made on our use of personal protective equipment, general inspection of the security and safety awareness on site, and full compliance with our site safety plan. Every week we are required to send a report to the Health and Safety Executive detailing all the operations conducted in the previous seven day period.

This is in addition to all the scrutiny of our work which the HSE carries out prior to the commencement of new operations.

Other checks

Alongside the testing and approval of all water and chemicals on Cuadrilla’s sites, the Environment Agency does spot checks on the general site condition.

Health, Safety, Security & Environmental Policy

You can read our Policy here - Cuadrilla’s Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policy