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There are a number of key issues which many people ask us about. This page has brief answers to some of these popular and important topics we are asked about every day.

We hope that the information on this page answers your initial questions and helps you to find more information about these subjects.

Community fund

Q.  Does Cuadrilla make a contribution to the communities it operates within?


Yes. Although Cuadrilla is only exploring for gas and all of our sites are temporary at this stage, we have already given our support to community events such as Elswick in Bloom. If we move to a production phase, with permanent sites, we will maintain and increase our contributions to the communities we are a part of.

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Environmental studies

Q.  What environmental studies have been carried out before Cuadrilla started working?


Local planning permission for the Bowland Shale project is granted by Lancashire County Council and comes with a number of project-specific requirements including ecology studies and transportation, lighting and noise surveys. The proposals are also subject to scrutiny from the Environment Agency (EA), who will assess whether environmental risks have been minimised.

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Q.  We need jobs in Lancashire. Will Cuadrilla’s operations lead to more jobs for local people?


Yes. Our operations already support about 250 jobs across the UK, of which 40 go to local people in Lancashire. In 2011 we recruited locally and encouraged our suppliers to do the same. If we move to commercial extraction of natural gas, thousands of jobs could be created – with many going to people from Lancashire. We are committed to supporting the communities we work in.

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Renewable Energy

Q.  Won’t more natural gas mean renewable energy is neglected?


No, Cuadrilla believes that natural gas is an ideal transition fuel, cleaner than other carbon fuels, that can bridge the energy gap as we move toward efficient renewable energy sources. Cuadrilla’s activities receive no public funding, so no money is being taken away from funding renewable energy.

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Q.  Will Cuadrilla’s operations cause damage to my property?


Of the small seismic events near Blackpool in April and May 2011, the British Geological Survey has said, “The tremors were way too small to cause any damage” ( Dr Mike Stephenson, BGS, November 2011)
The Geomechanical Study of the Bowland Shale Seismicity confirms that there is little risk of future seismic events recurring in the Bowland Basin, but proposes a series of mitigation measures to prevent any future noticeable seismic activity, that could reach a level that might give rise to concern by local residents.

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Site visits

Q.  Can I visit one of your sites?


Yes, Cuadrilla has always welcomed anyone who is interested in our operations on to one of our active sites to find out more. If you are keen to visit, let us know. We’ll do our best to find a convenient time when a member of our management team can show you around one of our sites.

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Q.  How much traffic will there be?


As our sites have a small geographical footprint (smaller than a football pitch), there will only be a limited number of vehicle movements per week. Traffic movements will be higher during exploration than in the production phase. During a typical day of an exploration rig there might be 2-3 lorries visiting the site.

A high proportion of the vehicle movements associated with onshore natural gas extraction are associated with the transport of water to and from wells. As most of our wells will be supplied by water from the mains, this cuts the number of vehicle movements required. If we started commercial production, much of our water would be recycled, further reducing the numbers of vehicles on the roads.

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Visual impact

Q.  Won’t your sites be a blot on the landscape?


Our plans would have the lowest possible impact on the landscape and countryside. The reality is that all of our sites will be low-profile, properly maintained and well screened with planting. Although our drilling and hydraulic fracturing rigs are noticeable from a distance, this equipment is temporary and will only be on-site for a few months. Our producing site in Elswick has been extracting gas since 1993 and many local people tell us that they didn’t realise it existed.

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Q.  Do your operations spoil the local water supply?


No. We have a wide range of comprehensive safety measures to ensure that the local water supply is safe and secure. From fully regulated disposal of water to best-practice well design, we have very high safety standards which prevent any impact on the local water supply. In terms of water usage during dry spells, we’d be cut off during any drought well before residents and farmers saw any impact on their supplies.

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Hydraulic fracturing

Q.  I’ve heard fracturing leads to aquifer contamination – is this true?


No, fracturing does not lead to aquifer contamination. There are two reasons why fracturing fluid remains in the shale rock, even in the presence of a fault:

1. There is no pathway for fluid to travel along. Natural and hydraulic fractures do not extend up to the aquifer.

2. Above the shale lies the Manchester Marl, a thick impermeable rock forming the ‘regional seal’. We know the Manchester Marl is impermeable to water as it has sealed the gas in the shale for hundreds of millions of years.

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Bribery Policy

Q.  What is Cuadrilla's bribery policy?


Cuadrilla Resources Limited is committed to conducting all of its business in an honest and ethical manner. Cuadrilla takes a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of bribery and corruption. All employees, contractors and suppliers are required to act professionally, fairly and with integrity in all its business dealings and relationships wherever it operates around the world.


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